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A Capitol Hill tradition since 1988

Tom and Linda McElroy dreamed of opening their own restaurant. In 1988 they found a cozy little corner in Capitol Hill and created Ristorante Machiavelli. A lot has changed in the neighborhood since then, but the Machiavelli mission has never wavered: warm, familiar faces and delicious, consistent food at reasonable prices. In over two decades as a local favorite, Machiavelli has earned a reputation for bringing people together and making them feel like family. With the help of a devoted staff the restaurant has nurtured a clientele of loyal regular customers and newcomers alike.

In 2013 Tom and Linda passed the restaurant on to longtime partners Suzette Jarding and Javier Arevalo. Suzette and Javier have been with Machiavelli since 1999 and are dedicated to continuing the Machiavelli tradition of great food and great friends.